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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why the BCS must end...

I believe the BCS has run its course. I don't feel that I need to sit here and try to defend what it did for college football, or better yet what it took from college football, I don't understand how the NCAA can sit back and watch this trajedy happen every single year without any sense of regret or accomplishment, but how can you when you have never known anything better.

One of the things that drives me insane about FBS football is there are 2 major polls that everyone follows, the coaches' poll in USA Today, and the Associated Press poll, both are fine polls and its nice having two contrasting polls throughout the year, because it adds discussion among sports analysts. However, the contrasting needs to come to a head by season's end though, and with the current system its not possible. There is plenty of examples in the history of college football but if we just look back at 2003, there was a split in the 2 major polls, the coaches selected LSU and the AP selected USC.

A far better example doesn't involve the major polls, it actually presents the problem with polls, and the best way to show you would be to make a list of the last ten years and comparing BCS Champion to the season's body of work by the next team:
Year - BCS Champion - Same Yr (Body of Work) (Final AP ranking)
2010 - Auburn 14-0 - TCU 13-0 (ranked 2nd)
2009 - Alabama 14-0 - Boise State 13-0 (4th)
2008 - Florida 13-1 - Utah 13-0 (2nd)
2007 - LSU 12-2 - Kansas 12-1 (7th)
2006 - Florida 13-1 - Boise State 13-0 (5th)
2005 - Texas 13-0 - Last time the BCS got it right
2004 - USC 13-0 - Auburn 13-0 2nd / Utah 12-0 (4th)
2003 - LSU 12-1 (BCS/USA) - USC 12-1 (AP)
2002 - Ohio State 14-0 - Got it right again
2001 - Miami 14-0 - Correct

Now after looking at the last 10 years you can clearly see that the system isn't working, what is even the point of a BCS Championship Game? I like the idea of it, I understand there were people complaining before when there was just four BCS Bowls, but that still doesn't fix the problem. If you were to grade the last 10 years in a simple pass/fail format you would come out with a 30% overall grade. I'm not a math whiz, but seeing that does make me conclude, if 30% is a passing grade I can assure you I would have probably had a much higher GPA in high school.

30% is unacceptable, I know my parents and teachers would all agree with that, I am sorry to be coming down so hard on the BCS and I realize it isn't there fault, it is the universities fault. The schools are the ones voting against the playoff. I am not insinuating that we need a large 64 team playoff like March Madness used to have, or 32, 16, or even 8 team playoff.

I have a proposal for Division 1-A (FBS) college football that could be a tad complicated and even a little dramatic, but I realize that college football is pushing towards the "Super-Conference" ideal, and I am totally fine and understanding of that, but I suggest we all take a look at my idea and just look at the BCS right in the eyes and give them the same excuse a lot of us non-football players got in high school, "Sorry BCS, its not you, its me."

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